Our Story

Wallace Hume - Caviar Black Watch on wrist


Our project started with a focus on watch straps. We wanted something unique, something classy that can be matched with every outfit and is suitable for any occasion. We wanted something different than the mainstream leather and NATO straps, so we decided  to take matters into our own hands and design our own perfect watch and strap.

Wallace Hume watch straps in four colors


During our research we came across a special kind of material called perlon, that was perfect for our strap design.
The material, a different kind of nylon, can be woven to create a strap that is classy,
durable and looks great in combination with a minimalist watch.

We tested more than 7 different perlon strap producers and found out that good quality perlon straps are really rare in the market.
Finally we found a supplier that could deliver a high-quality perlon strap with a beautifully designed buckle and a
unique special purpose perlon loop, so the strap is always properly fixed around your wrist.

Wallace Hume Atlantic Blue in Kuala Lumpur

Wallace Hume Classic White | Wolf Grey on wrist


With our strap design complete, we are ready to design our watch. We wanted a watch that could emphasize our colorful straps,
but at the same time could hold it’s mark on its own. We contacted several watch manufacturers and found one
that shared all our believes in minimal watch design and could meet our high-quality requirements.
With their help we created the perfect minimal watch.

Wallace Hume Watch Specifications

Wallace Hume Watch Case Detail

Wallace Hume Watch Caseback

Wallace Hume Olive Green Watch on wrist


During our strap research we became more and more interested in the history of perlon straps and synthetic fibers.
It was this way we found out about the story of Wallace Hume Carothers.
The almost forgotten inventor of nylon.

Wallace Hume Carothers was born on April 27th, 1896 in Burlington, Iowa. In his youth, it soon became clear he would grow up to become a brilliant chemist. After several
academic jobs, he was hired at Dupont Company, where he invented the very first synthetic fiber in the world called nylon. With his invention, a million possibilities
of the material came to life. We felt this brilliant mind should not be forgotten and we named our brand after Wallace Hume.

Wallace Hume Hummingbird Design Process


The story of Wallace Hume comes with two faces. On the one hand he was brilliant, on the other hand Wallace could not, as other great inventors, enjoy and appreciate
the accomplishments he had realized. It confronted us with the fact we should celebrate every moment of life and appreciate all the small things life has to offer.
Within this humble moment we decided that Wallace Hume should be more than just a brand. And so we went looking for a symbol that could
represent this deep feeling, a totem that could remind us to enjoy every minute and hour of the day. The hummingbird, a symbolization of
the lightness of being and the enjoyment of life, was the perfect addition to the spirit of our brand.

Wallace Hume Olive Green Watch on beach

Wallace Hume Caviar Black at Sunset

Wallace Hume Watch at airport

Wallace Hume Royal Orange Watch on wrist

Wallace Hume Atlantic Blue Watch on bicycle

Wallace Hume Caviar Black watch at sunset on wrist